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Please note that most of the exhibitions are new and in the process of being installed 2020/21. For information on the current state of work, consult the respective sites.

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In Bergen, Bad Endorf, Bernau, Breitbrunn, Grabenstätt and Prien, you can learn more about the Roman estates which once stood there. 

The information boards in Seebruck, Chieming, und Pittenhart focus on topics related to the Roman road from Salzburg to Augsburg.

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In Breitbrunnn, the focus lies on Roman homesteading.

Roman culture and art are the main themes in Bad Endorf (labyrinth), Bernau (Roman bathhouse), and Grabenstätt (Roman mosaic floors).


Chieming, GrabenstättGrassau, und Pittenhart have installations featuring Roman inscriptions with explanations of various related topics.

Sensational archaeological finds are on feature in Aschau: A buried Roman silver hoard, and refuge caves in the mountains where the population sought safety from invaders.

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In Aschau, Bernau, Chieming, Grassau, und Seebruck are exhibitions to be seen on the pre-Roman settlement of the region (Bronze Age, Hallstatt period, and earlier finds).

For children: The archaeological round tour in Seebruck plans "hands-on" information boards (scheduled for completion in 2021). Chieming invites children to participate in an online Roman riddle rally.  The Roman museum in Grabenstätt, has an installation with "do it yourself mosaics" for children. In Grassau on the grounds of the museum Salz & Moor, an activity installation on „nature and landscape 2000 years ago" is being constructed (completion scheduled for 2021).