On tour in the Römerregion Chiemsee

Let’s go back in time: It is the year 250 A.D and all of Southern Germany has been conquered by the Romans – all of Southern Germany? Not quite! In South-Eastern Bavaria, between Rosenheim and Salzburg, the Romans came in peace, bringing their families and living in harmony with the native Celts. Wealthy Roman settlers were particularly drawn to the hospitable Chiemsee countryside and had an eye for the most beautiful sites to build their country estates. Many of these places, such as Seebruck, survived the fall of the Roman Empire and remain populated to this day; others exist in nothing more than ancient place names and archaeological ruins hinting at bygone glory …

The sites are freely accessible unless otherwise indicated. Information on sites located in museums, town halls, or tourist information centres is available on the respective websites.

The Roman road near Esbaum

The reconstructed road section differs in its construction from the usual form of roads built throughout the Roman Empire.

Excavation of a Roman drying kiln

The information boards explain and show the use of the drying kiln.

Roman strip house

In BEDAIUM, innkeepers, merchants, fishermen and artisans lived and worked in houses similiar to modern-day row houses built along the road.