Seeon-Seebruck/ Esbaum

The Roman road near Esbaum

The reconstructed road section differs in its construction from the usual form of roads built throughout the Roman Empire.

During road works to straighten the course of the state road between Esbaum and Seebruck, it was possible to study the underlying structure of the old Roman road. The finds reveal that it was built differently than the common Roman road construction. Here, the upper layers of the road are carried by a subconstruction of lengthwise split oak trunks, allowing the road to swim over the marshy wetland which, at this point, has a depth of between 1 and 2.5 meters. A life-size reconstruction of the road section shows how Roman roads in NORICUM were built.

The installation featuring a reconstruction of the Roman road from Salzburg to Augsburg near Esbaum and information boards is the ninth station of the archaeological round tour. Parking is available.


Tourist-Information Seebruck

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