Bad Endorf

Wander through the labyrinth

The evangelical church community of Bad Endorf invites visitors to wander a layout labyrinth, or to simply sit down in the comfortable chairs and relax.

The installation is a quiet place to think about the meaning of the labyrinth and other ancient and Christian symbols, or to dwell on the early history of Christianity in our region. Wandering through the labyrinthine path, you can get to know this ancient symbol as an experience: the goal is always in sight, but you’ll have to turn some rounds before you get there.

Parking is available. Parkplätze sind vorhanden. A charging station for E-bikes is planned.


Evang.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Bad Endorf
Martin-Luther-Str. 11
83093 Bad Endorf
+49 (0)8053-9343