A trip back in time in the Römerregion Chiemsee

Where Celts and Romans lived together at peace

In the project Römerregion Chiemsee, 11 communities around Lake Chiemsee have joined to present their common Roman heritage with a network of interesting and informative exhibitions based on up-to-date archaeological research. This cooperation offers a unique display of the region’s exceptional archaeological riches, letting visitors experience life in the Roman province 2000 years ago.

The Roman history of the Chiemsee region has been realized in cooperation with archaeologists and with the support of the Bavarian State (Landesamt für Denkmalpflege) and the Bavarian Archaeological Museum (Archäologische Staatssammlung), co-financed with funds from the European funding program LEADER via the LAGs Chiemgauer Seenplatte and Chiemgauer Alpen.

Information boards at the sites present facts and archaeological knowledge in easily understandable language. A number of reconstructions stimulate the imagination, and at some sites visitors are even invited to actively participate in lived history. For young time travellers, the adventures of Annilio, a Celtic girl, and Marcus, her Roman friend, offer an entertaining introduction to daily life in the Roman province.

Join us on a tour to the places where wealthy Romans settled in the first centuries A.D. and experience history in a picturesque landscape!